2013 – Monday, March 11

We are here. Of course we are, wherever you are, it is always here. We had a wonderful welcome from our friends last night after we had travelled several hours from Ashville N.C. and the Biltmore Estate. The Biltmore Estate is still owned by a descendant of the original builder, George Washington Vanderbilt II. It is the largest privately owned house in the United States at 178,926 square feet and featuring 250 rooms. The Vanderbilt family has also found a unique way to keep such a house in shape. They have convinced people like my wife to pay upwards of $59 apiece to walk through and OOO and AAHHH as they see the excesses of the wealthy of the gilded age. Just in case you don’t know or believe, we all have a mansion awaiting us as believers. I would like to believe they each are greater than the Biltmore. When we get to heaven, come over to my place, it’ll cost you nothing but for Jesus, everything.