2013 Wednesday, March 06

Snow Day…I can remember as a student in high school how much a snow day meant. While officials had determined that the roads were too dangerous to go to school, we never felt it was too dangerous to grab the toboggan and head to the soap box derby track in Fort Wayne and sled with dozens of friends. The day was always better if I had a girlfriend who enjoyed the toboggan too. We always had a camp fire at the top of the hill and thermoses of hot chocolate. We would end most of those days, believe it or not at Atz’s ice cream parlor. What wonderful memories. I often think of those times as I shovel snow in my driveway in the early morning of a today snow day. It makes the shoveling go quickly. That is much like God as he called the children of Israel to always remember His past provision. It would encourage them in the today. Remember God’s past blessings friends.