Yesterday in worship I shared that a good friend in ministry had posted the following on his Facebook page. “We will never change the world by going to church but we will only change the world by becoming the church.” What does that mean? When we become the church we think of the betterment of others before ourselves. We become the church when we look for ways to meet others real needs before we seek to have our felt needs met. We become the church when the less fortunate are elevated to importance and we diminish ourselves importance.
Many years ago I heard a person say that a terrible disease in the church was “in grown eye-ballitus.” Meaning that we are always looking inward instead of outward. Inward makes us a club, outward makes us a church. Southport has been and will continue to be stretched to become that outward focused church because that is where we grow from. And not just in numbers but in Spirit and truth.
I hope none of us lose the desire for making Southport a place where we are never comfortable with the status quo for if we are we will never become the church, we will just GO to church.