Today is an interesting day in my mind. I had what I consider a good doctor’s appointment on Monday. My new neurosurgeon said, “You are an interesting case but, an interesting case in Medicine isn’t a good thing.” I hold out some hope for a resolution to the lower leg nerve issue but it will take some time. It won’t happen overnight, in fact it will be several over nights. I am glad that I am dealing with this in my fifties and not earlier in my life. Today, I have at least some assemblance of patience that allows for me to wait and hope. In this Easter season I am also happy that I have learned to wait with anticipation for the coming of Jesus. I am more confident each day that Jesus will come again sooner than later. Saying that, I would be classified as a dreamer by many but yet I wait with patirnce and hope. I am sincere when I say that I wish for each of you the same calm assurance that I feel in these days of my salvation and of the fulfillment of all Jesus’ promises. Have a great day!!!