I have watched a fair amount of basketball in the last several days. There have been a tremendous number of “upsets” in this year’s tourney. In fact, I read where Yahoo had about 4 million brackets filled by sports fans across the nation. After just 16 games, (there are 52 played in the first week) only 372 people had a perfectly correct bracket. You just never know when someone will show up and beat someone that they are not expected to defeat. The old expression is that anyone can beat anyone on any given day. We will celebrate Palm Sunday tomorrow. Jesus was greeted as a King and less than a week later would be put to death as a common criminal. However, he would soon pull off the greatest upset in History. For thousands of years people were born and then died. And while there were a few people who were raised from the dead in our scriptures, they eventually died…again. But Jesus defeated the great foe, Death.  In doing so, he provided the opportunity for every one of us not just to cheer him on but become a part of the winning team. Be thankful, rejoice and be exceedingly glad!!