Rain, Rain go away

Have you ever noticed that people, most people never seem to be happy with what they have? Last year at this time we were suffering through a drought that caused most July 4th fireworks displays to be cancelled. This year, I am pulling up mushrooms in a landscaping bed that gets afternoon sun. Quite a disparity wouldn’t you say? But one thing that is constant, we were unhappy about last years drought and we are unhappy about this years Amazon like rain. Why is that so?

I think it comes from several factors. First, we have pretty lousy memories, we humans and we think too much in the here and now. We fail to remember our discomforts of the past. I will take more rain than NO rain any day. Second, we are often just an unhappy lot and like small children we want what we don’t have. Finally, in a fallen world we refuse to acknowledge that God’s plan is better than our own. Now, many will say that weather systems are not in the hand of God but faith would inform us that nothing is outside the realm of God, he is sovereign in all things.

I choose to believe that God is in control, even the things that we tend to pass off as natural or part of “Mother Nature.” Mother nature is a bigger leap of faith for me.

Next time you are tempted to complain about what you have whether it be lunch or weather, remember from whence you have come and contemplate on where you could be. Where you are will look better than you can imagine.