It was interesting to awake this morning to 7 inches of snow. Initially, I pulled the covers up and thought, “There has got to be something really big that gets me out of this bed!” Surprisingly, there was. I remembered that one of my favorite things to do with snow in the past was to simply “shovel it.” I have always been a snow shoveller. It started with a father who expected that his teenage sons get the shovelling done. Today it is more about being able to do it than having to do it. I often look for people who need help and have a great deasl of fun helping. “Fun” you may ask and yes, I reply, “Fun”. I always am blessed by someone expecting a long shovel and when it gets done much quicker, I always feel pretty good. While I am in my 6th decade, I can still shovel pretty well. Today was a good shoveling day and while I take a few more breaks than I used to, it feels good to get a shoveling job done. For our members, this is an open invitation, “Have shovel, will travel.” Have a blessed day!!