Update From Rangoon – December 6, 2013

Dateline Rangoon, Burma <stop>                                 December 6, 2013

Many things old style in Burma <stop>

Wonderful service last night <stop>

Pastor from Jamaica<stop>

Good sermon on John 15:1-8<stop>

Especially since he spoke English.<stop>

At least the King’s English.<stop>

Hope you were getting the colonial wire to wire reference. I wish to thank Southport Baptist Church for the honor to represent you here at the Judson 200 year bicentennial celebration. I have had a hard time with tears while here. Tears that the Burmese Christians would consider me a VIP. I think I have had some of the feelings that made the apostle Paul continually call himself the chief among sinners. Imagine that he was treated as a visiting dignitary often and that is hard for a mere man. I was assured that for many of the 30,000 participants from the forests and plains of Myanmar, I was the first or other VIP’s were the first Americans they had ever seen.

Funny, not HaHa by the way, see as they are constantly talking about Adonirum and Anne Judson, American Baptist’s 1st missionary as a mother and father. I am struck that what we do can have such far reaching significance. My prayer is that we may all some day in eternity know the height, the depth and the breadth of our work among the unsaved of Indianapolis.

Tears also because I have gotten to meet a retired missionary in Thailand for whom I prayed diligently for many year, for safety and success. When he stood up last night at worship and I noticed his name on his name tag, old feebled, on a can and barely able to speak, I burst into ears and it took me several minutes before I could tell him why…we had a good cry together after that.

Tears for man other things for which I will share with you on my return. For now, typing at 3:30 AM with peace and hope in my heart, I thank God for each of you and miss you already.

David, thank-you for your faithfulness that I do not worry about worship, thank-you ministers of Southport Baptist because of your faithfulness in prayers, work and support. Thank-you for the opportunity to serve you under the banner of our great gift and Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ.


Your Pastor Jeff