Update from Rangoon – December 7, 2013

December 07, 2013


News today, I was going to do 2 days sight seeing with Pastor Thlaawr (pronounced clower) but I have been invited by the General Secretary of the Kachin Baptist Convention to come those days to the capital Myitkyina, to meet with his executive committee about several items, among them the ordination of the pastor downstairs (Pastor Jum), and involvement in the foundation of the US Kachin Baptist Convention. I will preach Sunday 15th in the number 1 church in the Kachin State and speak in the afternoon and evening in two other churches. I had previously met with him in Indianapolis.

I was blessed to have had breakfast this morning with the Rev. Dr. Neville Callum, General Secretary of the World Baptist Alliance from Jamaica. I gave him a couple of suggestions on a few things he spoke of last night and he asked to join my small group for breakfast. Our conversation filled the balance of about an hour as we shared a meal together. It was a blessing to have the opportunity to converse freely. We plan on keeping correspondence.

Please pray for the Kachin trip, I feel it is very important work. My only concern is that the Kachin state has been embroiled in a very difficult civil war for more than 2 years. There has never been anything happen among the churches as the gorillas are 75% Baptist but there is slight danger involved and when you see me with the native Burmese, I sort of stand out since I am at least a shoulder and head taller than most everyone. I trust on God’s provision and your prayers for this important 3 day addition to my calendar. I will see you soon and write again and hopefully get pictures downloaded soon.


Pastor Jeff