About our Pastor

Jerry’s journey to ministry wasn’t your typical road to pastorship. He more or less stumbled into it from the outsider’s perspective, but from Heaven’s point of view, he was called and he answered. His wife, Dena Shomali, had been worship director at 1CC for several years, and Jerry and the family had been members all the while.  One Christian soon found themselves searching for a senior pastor replacement and found the answer within their very own walls. Jerry’s previous background is in psychology and has many years under his belt of counseling troubled children and suffering families. Perhaps this kind of experience is the perfect foundation for a pastor, since we are all broken after all. Although a mature, long time born again Christian, being pastor of a church was probably the furthest career title from Jerry’s mind. However, it’s not a career title. It’s a calling. And when God knocks on your door and asks you to feed his sheep, you do it.

Since accepting the request to pastor 1CC, Jerry has poured his heart and soul into it. He doesn’t take the responsibility lightly and plans to feed, encourage, build up and grow the wonderful members that have graciously welcomed him with open arms.

Among the title of pastor, Jerry also holds title of husband to Dena Shomali and father to his wonderful children, Blake, Rose, and Kate. You will most likely be greeted by their smiling faces on Sunday morning. With Dena still blessing the church as Worship Director and the Shomali kids’ eagerness to help their parents and grow 1CC, it is a family affair. Once you get to know them, you know this is how they do all things: together.

When you become a pastor, you’re never not a pastor. There are no clock in and clock out hours. Looking back though, (as someone who has known Jerry for many, many years) this is how Jerry has always lived his life. Jerry thrives off of helping people. It doesn’t matter what he’s doing, he’s always looking for a solution to someone’s problem. Where there’s a will there’s a way, and when there’s no way…there’s Jerry. There’s not a shy bone in his body and let’s just say if you’re serving him at restaurant, assisting him with purchasing furniture, or checking him out at a grocery store, brace yourself. It could be a joke or it could be a 30 minute sermon, but with Jerry, you just never know. And we love him for it.

His favorite hobbies include bible study, quality time with his family, basketball, motorcycles, restoration projects, classic (or cheesy-you decide) action movies, but his absolute favorite way to kick back and clear his mind is: fishing. And now…he gets to fish for people.

Get a peak inside Jerry’s heart HERE.